We provide long term stays for stranded Travelers

From today until 31. July 2020. We can provide tailor-made accommodation solutions for stranded tourists. 70 NZD a day (minimum one week) rent price. We are here to help. 

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Self-Isolation Accommodation - at the Coast - Hawke's Bay

The Captain's House is a self-isolation apartment or a self-isolation accommodation for a long term stay for NZD 70 per day. Orientated towards the sea with the most fantastic ocean view in the region. We are 20 minutes away from Havelock North und from 45 minutes from Napier on the North Island of New Zealand.


What does your isolation accommodation rent include?

It includes everything you need for an emergency tourist accommodation and what you can see in the pictures. Extra costs can occur. Certain services we offer under normal circumstances are may be limited or not possible because of the Coronavirus circumstances

  • Internet - Normal email and browsing activities are free. Video-on-demand, video calls or any other high demand data applications may cause extra costs.
  • The rental serviced apartment is well insulated. If you like it very warm and cosy and extra heating is required - extra costs occur.
  • Initial cleaning and disinfection of the house are included. But ongoing cleaning, changing of laundry, washing of your clothes are not included.
  • No food or beverages is included in the daily long-term stay price of 70 NZD.
  • Breakfast can be delivered or prepared depending on your needs to extra costs.
  • We don't provide lunch.
  • Dinner can be prepared and delivered to your Captain' s House. You can heat it up in your microwave. Dinner can be served as long as you have been in New Zealand for 14 days, and you are not a risk for our health.

Self Isolating - Long-Term Stay Hawke's Bay

Floor Plan for separated Cottage - Perfect for Self Isolation

Small boutique hotel Bay Guesthouse room layout for Captains house, Pond, Lounge, Atrium and Chef's Table and the Cottage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

What activities do you have available?

We have two beaches close to us. Both beaches are big enough to avoid any contacts with other people.

You can go for a walk.

You can use Netflix, Spotify and a huge collection of DVS's. 

We have plenty of toys and games for families.

Self Quarantine Holiday House for long term stay

Coronavirus Self Isolation - Long term holiday stay - Serviced accommodation

Meet your Hosts

Schweizer Gastgeber - Swiss Accommodation

Gestrandete Schweizer Touristen welche keinen Rueckflug in die Schweiz bekommen haben finden bei uns in Stueck Heimat. Wir sprechen Schweizer Deutsch, haben ein paar Schweizer Buecher, Filme, etc. in unserer Bibliothek. Die Kueche ist mit Aromat, Fondue Geschirr und noch ein wenig Kirsch ausgeruestet. Eine richtige Roesti bringen wir auch noch hin und am Sonntag koennte es einen Sonntags-Zmorge Zopf geben.

Auch wenn Ihr oder Du ein Rucksack-Tourist oder ein guenstig reisender Schweizer bist und ein limitiertes Budget hast - Ruf einfach mal an oder melde Dich um herauzufinden ob wir Dir helfen koennen.

In diesen Zeiten geht es nicht darum Geld zu verdiennen sondern darum dass es uns allen gut geht und wir auch die Rechnungen bezahlen koennen.

Holiday Home Perfect for Self Isolation - Photos, where we are and Beaches