We provide long term stays for stranded Travelers

From today until 31. July 2020. We can provide tailor-made accommodation solutions for stranded tourists. 70 NZD a day (minimum one week) rent price. We are here to help. 

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More Napier - Off the Beaten Track

Skipping a few mainstream stops and going off the beaten path can be rewarding when you have visited Napier before. See how locals enjoy this great place.

After exploring Napier - Relax, be spoiled by the beach

Discover Napier by Bike

Discover Napier along the Marine Parade, new recreation area, funny bike displaying bike rentals, national aquarium building, ice cream shop

Bluff Hill Lookout

Napier Bluff Hill lookout into the port with extansive ocean view, heritage colonial style villas in Napier with nice workmanship timber work

Sea Wall Street Art

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