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Temporary Closure and Property Sale Announcement:

Attention Valued Guests: We are currently not accepting bookings as our property is undergoing a transition phase. For those interested in a unique investment opportunity, this exquisite property is on the market. Please visit for details on purchasing this luxury accommodation. We appreciate your understanding during this period.

Honeymoon Destination New Zealand - Hawke's Bay

Hawkes Bay - The most romantic honeymoon destination with plenty of choices. For example, Napier the adorable coastal Art Deco town with its North Island little Riviera along the Marine Parade. Havelock North, a boutique village near our small boutique hotel on the east coast.

Best Beach Honeymoon Place in Hawkes Bay NZ

Honeymoon NZ North Island 
Luxury Honeymoon Accommodation Hawkes Bay near Napier and Havelock North

European style Honeymoon Lodge 
In New Zealand on the North Island 

Honeymoon Cottage Accommodation 
At the East Coast after a Cape and Gisborne journey

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Captains 2 Bedroom Cottage
Price 450 NZD for 2 people
Occupancy Max 4 people (2 Queen Beds)
Minimum Stay 2 Nights
Extra guest NZD 50.00 per night
Breakfast Continental Breakfast included
Cooked Breakfast extra
Dinner Option 3-course Menu for 55 NZD p.p.

Five Star Reviews seaside Honeymoon 
What our guests say about your Honeymoon Hotel Suite

Jane Masters

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Honeymoon Event - Thank you Dinner for Parents

Honeymoon Event - Thank you Dinner for Parents

The bride and groom invited their parents to share an evening with them at the Bay Guesthouse, where they were staying, for a post-wedding celebratory dinner. A sublime experience awaited us, one we will treasure for many years to come. Armando & Marianne welcomed us on arrival for an afternoon & evening out of this world. Incredible beach and sea views with landscapes that went as far as the eye could see from different aspects of the beautifully designed guesthouse. The sea and the land are very cleverly drawn into the guesthouse in so many ways. Tranquillity and privacy abounds in this amazing Bay Guesthouse, so much so that when you sit in the "Glasshouse" lounge it washes over you....a total relax lounge! Our hosts prepared and served us a 3-course meal by candlelight, that was worthy of the highest praise possible - a sublime dining experience! A "wow" atmosphere! Armando and Marianne are hosts extraordinaire! You are welcomed into their Guesthouse with warmth, you are cared and catered for to the highest level, a total sublime experience. We only wish it was the parents staying in the accommodation too! We're planning on a parent stay after this amazing taste of the Bay Guesthouse! It was an act of love from the bride and groom to invite their parents to join them for an evening and it was a privilege to enjoy Armando and Marianne's hospitality and exquisite Bay Guesthouse.

Bevan and Bex

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Where looking for Best Honeymoon Places in Hawke's Bay

Where looking for Best Honeymoon Places in Hawke's Bay

From the moment we arrived at the bay guest house we were treated like royalty! We were greeted by Armando and Marianne at the door and it was like we were family. They were so welcoming Armando, Marianne and Sabrina are amazing people and fantastic hosts.

Nothing was ever a problem, they helped us find activities to do during the day and the food they cooked us was incredible, don't go out for dinner when you stay here because their cooking is better than you will get served in any of the restaurants. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

The views are some of the best you will find in the Hawkes Bay, the accommodation is 5 star and I can't fault anything about this place! The only thing we were disappointed in was that our stay wasn't longer as we were so sad to leave!

We can't wait to get back there. Armando, Marianne and Sabrina we just want to thank you all so much for going above and beyond for us, For the amazing conversations, your warm hospitality, the laughs and giving us a stay that we will never forget and never stop talking about, we tell everyone about you guys! Bevan and Bex.

Hannah Fox

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Perfect romantic getaway with a luxury honeymoon package

Perfect romantic getaway with a luxury honeymoon package

From the moment we arrived at the Bay Guesthouse, we were treated as special guests by Marianne and Armando who are such lovely, welcoming, kind and talented hosts. 

The Captain's House has all you need for a perfect romantic getaway. We enjoyed a luxury honeymoon package here after our wedding, and I'm certain you couldn't find another experience like this anywhere else in New Zealand! 

Armando and Marianne have thought of everything, a fridge stocked with homemade treats like Crème Caramel, a dressing gown and towel warmer, romantic mood lighting in the Captain's House, the list goes on. 

With uninterrupted ocean views, we watched the beautiful sunrise from bed each morning, relaxed in the spacious bath which has the best views of any bath we'd ever seen and found it a wonderful place to celebrate our honeymoon as well as rest and recharge. 

Marianne and Armando generously shared their Swiss and Italian culture with us, and prepared amazing food. The whole experience made us feel like we were in Europe, but with a bonus of one of the best views in New Zealand and sunny, warm Hawke's Bay weather to enjoy too. 

We enjoyed the amazing and DELICIOUS breakfast on the deck with uninterrupted ocean views, which was prepared with such skill and love.

We celebrated on one of the evenings with a beautiful romantic candlelight dinner as well. We loved our stay at the Bay Guesthouse so much that we decided to extend it an extra day – lucky for us they had an available night.
The thing we loved the most about our stay was that everything was done with such love and attention to make a stay at the Bay Guesthouse an experience you will never forget!

Thomas Asche

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Our Honeymoon we will never forget

Our Honeymoon we will never forget

This place is the prime example of New Zealand paradise. 

The two hosts Armando and Marianne take the best care of you. From the stunning east coast views to the 5-star 3 course dinner, The Bay Guest House was a warm and comfortable welcome that made our Honeymoon a time we will never forget. 

Armando and Marianne took the time to get to know us and made the whole stay absolutely exquisite. 

The Bay Guest House is nicely located as it's a 40min drive to Napier and a 15-minute drive to gorgeous wineries such as Craggy Range, Black Barn and Te Mata Estate as well as being close to the stunning Mangapapa Hotel. 

Nice walking options close by, from Waimarama Beach to Maraetotara Falls, plenty to do for all couples and families alike. 

We came back from our honeymoon relaxed and rejuvenated; we will definitely be back as it holds a special place in our hearts. 

Do yourselves a favour and book a trip ASAP!

Breakfast Table Buffet 
Your luxury Honeymoon Holiday Hawkes Bay

Candlelight Dinner 
at your most romantic Honeymoon destination in New Zealand

Where are we 
to find your best New Zealand Honeymoon Place

Two Beaches 
in Waimarama and Ocean Beach - Beach Honeymoon Destination in New Zealand North Island

Girls Night before the Wedding 
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Parent's Dinner with the Bride and the Groom after the Wedding 
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NZ Honeymoon Ideas 
Where to go, Stays, Places in Hawkes Bay, Havelock North, Hastings and Napier

About us 
Why are we your best unique Honeymoon accommodation near Napier

Questions and Answers 
which may help to plan your luxury Honeymoon

How to choose your honeymoon destination?

Unfortunately, isn't it about budget, time and dreams? If you are a New Zealander, you may ask yourself, "why should I go far if I already live in paradise?". Why not combining great NZ Honeymoon locations with an overall experience you never forget. Perhaps you also answer future questions regarding where the best place for our children is or for our career and dream lifestyle.

Where to go in New Zealand for a Honeymoon?

Of course, Hawke's Bay is the best place for a Honeymoon. We would combine the Bay with a dream drive along the east coast and stay in Gisborne. Wairarapa with Castel Point, Greytown and Martinborough would be next and a fancy stay in a nice place in Wellington with a flight combination to Queenstown to stay in Arrowtown and finishing off in Akaroa. Very romantic!

How to make your honeymoon romantic?

All you need is love and respect. If you add a genuine interest in what your loved one is interested in without forgetting, this will be the best time, and you will never forget it - You have the perfect recipe for a romantic honeymoon. We are delighted to provide you with tailormade local ideas.

What does a honeymoon suite look like?

Ask this first Oncle Google but chose "images" instead of text search. You will see plenty of pictures which show honeymoon suites. You could ask, what are my preferences? We think it is the location. Bay Guesthouse can compete with many of those. Instead of a suite, you get an entire cottage. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lounge and kitchenette. A private deck next to a water feature. But the best is the sunrise from the sea view bedroom overlooking the Pacific.

Should you tell hotels, you're on your honeymoon?

Definitely! Having honeymooners is always exciting. Guest on the happiest trip of their lives - It can't be much better to indulge happy guests. You get lots of happy smiles and all the attention. Everybody wants to see you and everybody is a bit jealous. Marianne and myself Armando will never forget that we had a table right at the beachfront in a famous restaurant on a US Island where the waiter says "Aloha". Which means "love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness or grace."

Is breakfast included? What about cooked breakfast?

Yes, a generous breakfast table buffet ist included in the house price of 450 NZD for two guests.

Yes, we serve cooked breakfast have a look at our breakfast page.

Additional guests in the Captain's Cottage will be charged extra.

Do you have an Airport in Hawke's Bay and can you pick us up?

Yes, Napier has a modern new Airport with multiple connections a day to Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

Yes, we love to pick you up on a cost contribution-based. The scenic route from the Airport to the Coast Hotel is a  40 minutes drive.  Best combined with some detours to see some Highlights of the Bay

Can you recommend a wine tour?

The Winemaker Tour is our favourite. 

Don Bird is a very experienced winemaker born and bred in Hawke's Bay. Don can pick you up at our Boutique Hotel.

Watch the video about the "Hawke's Bay Wine Region" to get an idea why an excellent wine tour needs an entire day. 

Can we walk to the Beach and is it a sand beach?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. It's a half-hour walk through farmland with life stock down to the Waimarama Beach. Walking back up takes double the time and is tiring.

Ocean Beach next door is our favourite. A 10-minute drive. A drive to Waimarama-Beach is 8 minutes and includes a welcome stop for an Ice-Cream.

Yes, it is a lovely sand beach.

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter 
How to plan your honeymoon in New Zealand?

Honeymoon Packages 
Your romantic, luxury Honeymoon Package New Zealand

Unique & Luxury Wedding Best Gift Idea ever 
The perfect Wedding Present - New Zealand Honeymoon Package

Not a Hawkes Bay Wedding Venue - But ... 
a unique Honeymoon destination in New Zealand

Our Honeymoon music playlist 
And all our other music playlists you may like at the hideaway Lodge

Music has the power to trigger vivid memories that seem to transport us back in time and space. Flashbacks of places, people and strong emotions come back. We tried to create a wide range of Music Playlists that are joyful and could connect you back to your happy holiday in Hawkes Bay at the coast in our Honeymoon Hotel.

You find a collection of all our boutique music playlist ready in your Honeymoon Cottage for you to play on your Google Home device which waits for you to be your digital butler.