Temporary Closure and Property Sale Announcement:

Attention Valued Guests: We are currently not accepting bookings as our property is undergoing a transition phase. For those interested in a unique investment opportunity, this exquisite property is on the market. Please visit www.oceanfront-property.nz for details on purchasing this luxury accommodation. We appreciate your understanding during this period.

Drive the extra mile - The journey is the destination

Get some ideas about how to explore most of the attractions near me. Don't miss great places, find the best accommodation near me. See our table of content.


The Landmark of Havelock North

Te Mata Peak Havelock North lookout over Tuki Tuki river until to the Bluff hill of Napier. Impressions of mountain bike track and scenic drive up to the Peak

The 5 best beaches

The 5 best beaches of Hawkes Bay, Karakau beach, Waimarama beach, Ocean beach, Waipatiki beach and Aramoana beach

An idyllic drive at your doorstep

Sunset over the Tuki Tuki river, take a trip through the Valley of the Tuki Tuki and discover a charming drive through vines, orchards and near boutique accommodation

East Coastline with perfect stops

Hawkes Bay east coast drives along beautiful sandy beaches. Take a break at nice places like the boardwalk in Napier or the Hygge at Clifton Bay

Countryside of Hawkes Bay

The countryside of Hawkes Bay,romantic wedding chapels in beautiful landscape, old pioneer villages Onga Onga, country garden coffee shops Birdwoods