Hawkes Bay Top Weekend Event - Art Deco Festival

New Zealand Top must experience Event - The boutique Art Deco Captial of the world invites to a Weekend with over 100 attractions. Many are free.


Soap Box Derby (Free)
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Vintage Car Parade (Free)

The Art Deco vintage car parade is joined by all kind of old cars in all sizes.
Vintage motorcycle and locals who are beautifully dressed matching the Art Deco era.
Cheerful locals ride vintage bicycles dressed in costumes matching the Art Deco time era.

Veronica Bell Parade (Free)

The New Zealand Navy very much integrated into the Art Deco festival.

Gatsby Picnic (Free)

Gazebos on the lawn along the Marine Parade with locals having a picnic called Gatsby Picnic

Memorial Flying Display (Free)

A gentleman at the Art Deco Festival watching the memorial flying vintage aircraft in Napier

Festival Marquee Buffet Dinner with Music

Art Deco Festival marquee open on one side to enjoy buffet dinner, music and the sea views

Railcar Rides to Sunday Otane Market or High Tea

RM 31 Tokomaru Railcar crossing the Hastings water feature

Celebrations on the street (Free)

Art Deco Festival with jazz musicians and public dancing to the swing.

How Locals dress for The Art Deco Weekend